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Mir Jamaluddin Hammad has been associated with Nasr School for nearly  two decades. He has been a student of Nasr Boys School Hyderabad and has passed the school with distinction and took to heart the school’s motto: “With God’s Help, Victory is near.” In Urdu { Nasrum min Allahi wa fatun kareeb }

He brings this philosophy as he astutely and efficiently manages the accounts and finances of the family-run organisations. His Secondary Education consisted of Commerce, Economics, and Civics from St. Mary’s Junior College, Hyderabad.  Thereafter, he completed his Bachelor of Arts Degree at St. Mary’s Degree College, Hyderabad. 

To prepare for joining the family mission, He earned a Masters of Arts Degree in International Educational Management with a specialisation in Finance Technology at the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom. His higher education and the leadership qualities helped him to contribute his innovative and managing skills to develop Nasr school with modern context.

He started his career at Nasr Polo and soon began managing the finances in the capacity of Director of Nasr Holdings Private Limited, where he focused on investment strategies. After proving his talents, he was promoted as the Executive Director Finance of Nasr Education Society. 

Based in Hyderabad, India, Nasr Education Society has a chain of schools serving both boys and girls. The school for boys is situated at Gachibowli and the Girls School at Khairatabad with a total strength of 5000 students. Nasr also runs a Special Literary Programme for the under-privileged girls.

As Nasr aims the all-round development, students from Nasr have excelled not only in academics but also in sports, music, classical dance, mass communication, software, education, medical engineering branches, I.A.S and I.P.S. The students of Nasr have made India and Hyderabad proud many a times. 

He strongly identifies the goals of Nasr :~ creating leaders who will have professional success built on the foundation of quality education. The effort one puts into their success, will reflect in the results. In addition, the philosophy of accountability and mindfulness lead to his professional growth. 

He has shown great prospects and has helped the institution by providing designs, printing, digital media and a background worker since his early years.

Being a keen Polo Player, won accolades in India and abroad. Presently he is the Comptroller of Nasr Polo and brings a passion and talent for financial management to each of these roles. 

He is an Aero Modeller and has interest in music, He is keen to update himself with latest technology and has passion for electronic gadgets.

An avid traveler,

As a member of the Nasr family, Mir Jamaluddin Hammad is dedicated to the important work and organisations his family are stewarding.

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